About change of supplier

Have you ever wondered what the all the numbers on your electricity bill? In fact, have you ever had the curiosity to look more closely over invoice? Maybe when you understand better what you pay each month.

One thing I know is that the few Romanian now have the freedom to change your FREE electricity supplier. That means if you are unhappy with the current one, or if you want to get better bids, you can do this with a simple button press.

Energy market liberalization offers all (both companies and individuals) the opportunity to choose from who buys electricity. If before you were forced to sit supplier that you had, now you can choose what’s best for you.

What are the benefits of changing electricity supplier?

Get a more competitive price;
You can choose what kind of energy you consume (you can opt for a provider that offers mainly renewable energy);
You get a more modern infrastructure;
Get rid of bureaucracy – we have everything online;
Do you really support (customer care)

Why choose us?

You get all the benefits above and you can usually benefit from a wireless meter that lets you easily view and control energy consumption. The bill will not surprise you at the end, because you know how much you have consumed constant.

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Also, we try to provide as much electricity from renewable sources by choosing a subscription of 100% green power help protect the environment for ourselves and generations to come.

How can you change supplier?

It’s very simple. We only need your contact details and we will do everything for you. Contact us here.