Avoid using miracle tools that promise to quickly solve all your problems

Cosmetic products should stimulate the natural functions of the skin – and this is not an instantaneous process. Panacea from all ills does not exist either in medicine or in cosmetology. Strong effects on the skin with the help of large concentrations of active substances or the use of components not approved by the health authorities can lead to negative consequences. Avoid cosmetic means of unknown or so-called “folk” origin, incomprehensible composition or too broad a spectrum of action (for example, if a miracle ointment promises to moisturize, nourish, rejuvenate the skin and at the same time relieve acne).

Always check the shelf life of the cream.

The expiry date is the period established by the manufacturer during which the product, if certain conditions of its transportation and storage are observed, is safe for the life and health of the consumer and preserves consumer properties.

Be careful, the cream will “survive” until the expiration date, only if it was stored correctly – in a not too wet and hot room. A signal that the remedy has deteriorated ahead of time can be a change in its color, smell or consistency, for example, stratification of the emulsion into components – fat and water. Immediately and without regret, throw away such funds. From time to time, you should conduct an audit of your home cosmetics reserves in order to get rid of the expired jars in time.