Basic wardrobe for a holiday with a minimum of things

Basic wardrobe for a holiday with a minimum of things came here for the long-awaited vacation! A holiday begins with collection bags which can be simply unbearable. Bring heavy luggage and suddenly discover that many things are not necessary, and something just is not enough. A story with you does not happen, we’ll help you make a basic wardrobe for a summer vacation.

It is accepted for collection bags, first make a list of everything you want to take with them. Then, within a few days to review it and add something, but something thrown. But make sure to put things without which the rest would be destroyed.

1. First, pack clothes and shoes for the beach. This set remains the same from year to year, changing only trendy styles and colors. So, beach holidays will not occur without a swimsuit, shawls, hats and light slap. Usually about sunglasses and a beach bag women are not forgotten.

2. Then, if you should go shorts, light skirt, white shirt and a few t-shirts, air or light tunic is taking a black collar on a case of cold weather. You agree that this set of clothes is enough to go on a tour and trips to the beach. The shoe is better to choose comfortable ballet flats or sandals wedges. Be sure to bring a large bag.

3. The rest will be without an evening dress. Dull cocktail dress and sandals with heels must have place of honor in the suitcase to look at where luxury evening, and this case is at rest should appear. white suit also take with you for special moments. Better to choose shoes that will match the dress and suit. Do not forget about accessories for evening dresses.

4. Do not wear them a lot of jewelry and accessories, but without a belt in a white shirt, string of pearls, earrings and bracelet, suitable for swimwear, you can not do. This is the minimum that is needed and will be needed vacation.

5. A set of cosmetics and personal care products every woman forms the basis of their own needs. But it is important to remember to bring sunscreen sticks disposable shampoo and shower gel, cream depilatories and make-up remover lotion, creams for different parts of the body, nail polish pads. For not taking the full package of resources, purchase small containers and place them in their funds. These small jars can be found at any beauty store.