Choosing home printer, inkjet or laser?

Question image transferred onto the paper is still relevant despite the increase in services, operating in “online” mode. Photos in the album is still in the story, a chain of pleasant moments, even when they have long been scanned and transferred to the computer. Canceling this story will not and pasted into the album more and more pictures. The exchange rate, despite the fact that there is no time to e-mail the teacher to check, accepted by it in paper form. I am sure that every computer user will sooner or later confronted with the need to write something. Sometimes it comes to using a neighbor with a printer, and sometimes it is necessary to determine if the printer is already home forced necessity, without which the result of the work on the computer can not be used to the fullest. Looks proposal immediately raises many questions, chief of which is if you ask the customer what he writes to the “What is the printer to choose for the house?” – The answers will be very similar to each other, it all boils down to about two issues.

1. Print photos, documents sometimes in small numbers. As a rule, this is the first printer is purchased.

2. Printing documents in large quantities (for a picture of the printer already has).

About the same answers would be collected from you in a while. Types of printers

Among the printers, if we disregard the very exotic technology transfer images from your computer, there are two large families who get along well with each other and are not intended to place each other, at least until the next time. The first family – laser printers, the second jet. What is a laser printer?

The principle of operation of these printers is based on the property of an electrified drum to transfer the powder (toner) from the cartridge to the paper. The toner is transferred only in those places where the drum charge remained and were not removed periodically runs through the drum by a laser beam. The transferred powder is then hot rolled and baked rolls on the paper by heat.

A characteristic feature of laser printer technology:

– Special black and white printing. – Large print speeds. – Long life of the cartridge, in which a filling is enough for a large number of pages printed. Resource laser printer cartridge may be ten times longer than an inkjet cartridge.

Disadvantages of Laser Printers:

– Bad color rendering. Laser printers are available for purchase and use at home can not pass all the colors due to the fact that a satisfactory color reproduction can not be achieved because of the characteristics of the toner and limitations of the technology. The toner can not be uniformly mixed prior to application, because applied to the paper for each line of the same color, and the qualities it is opaque. – Relatively large power consumption during preparation for printing and printing process itself. It is caused by the necessity of heating the sheet after application of toner on it. – Low resolution compared to inkjet printers. which can make multiple passes by the printhead, it displaces each time by a distance that is less than a print point.

The ink or laser printer consumables – toner, black or colored powder.