Direttori (spoiler) from our store

The utility of the spoiler has been completely re-evaluated after the first aerodynamic tunnel. The completeness of the data provided by this new method was impossible so far. The first to take advantage of the potential of the wind tunnel were the sports cars.

Due to this, tuning solutions have become part of their standard range. The main task of the spoiler is to reduce fuel consumption. For drivers who prefer a “sporty” driving style, this is a nonprofit advantage. In addition, the properties of the spoiler are especially during narrow curves.

Since all buoyancy forces that lead to loss of adhesion to the road surface are reduced, the maneuver can be performed at a higher speed. Security is then increased. However, spoilers also have a negative effect. Many inexperienced young drivers are convinced that they can increase their travel speed and can rely on the spoiler much more than they should.