Discreet and intelligent – pastel pink

Quiet pastel tones have amazing features and all but claim to “the new black”. Argue with that of course possible, but it is time discreetly powdery paint can admit even in the strictest and formal way. Wearing a classic three-piece suit, a shirt or a basic pencil skirt these shadows, you will never be taken seriously and it will never feel the controversial views.
Altrosa – this is one of the most important current trends, which is easily feasible and available. A good option for their implementation – do not be afraid to combine different colors in pastel shades, such as melon, sky blue, mint and lemon. To create a more daring picture flawless maneuver will play on contrasts: it is necessary to add black accessories and the image becomes more grounded and rigorous.

Vibrant pink

The goal of all sports clothing brands – to create both comfortable and aesthetically attractive things. Today, thanks to a strong competition, new technologies and talented designers, it is not difficult to find the perfect clothing for sports that fit your needs and tastes.

The pink color in the sports environment, it gains: here it is difficult to make a mistake and go too far. Even the doll shades, balanced comfortable shoes and bulky sweaters do not look too primitive and naive. Of course, you should not pounce your head into the pool, and try on the overall overflow a pink bow, but bright accents and play with the details – definitely worth it.