For better chains for snow in the winter or socks?

Winter is not over yet, as we remember the great snowfall in the last weeks of whitewashed Italy. Snow or icy roads require safety measures, however, provided for in the traffic regulations. What is the benefit then against snow and ice, not to find themselves in unpleasant situations and even dangerous?

The law provides that in winter skills his driver “does not skate means” Vehicle: chains for snow, snow, socks or winter tires. If you have not yet thought of this, you know that you are not in good shape: the period prescribed by law is in fact from 15 November to 15 April. Winter tires are probably the safest means because they provide greater road surface adherence even when the temperature drops below 7 ° C

There are, however, some shortcomings, especially the economic ones: in fact, for the sake of greater safety of winter tires must be mounted on the four wheels, which can be very expensive. If the region in which it inhabits is not very cold winters, it may be convenient to accept means that can be mounted on wheels whenever necessary: socks and snow chains are best known.
What are the socks of snow

Snow socks were invented in Norway: it is said that the inventor had the idea after he managed to restart the car stuck in the snow with the help of his shirt. What is this? In practice, polyester meshes are to be applied to the tires so as to increase friction of the tire to snow or icy road surface, thus re-establishing the thrust to the wheels. As you can guess from the anecdote shirt, snow socks have the advantage of being very easy to handle, easily and quickly to assemble.