How is the car bumper replaced?

The bumper of the car serves for cosmetic and practical purposes. At the cosmetic level, they are part of the design of the car body and are located at both ends of it. On a practical level, these components serve to protect the rest of the car. Unfortunately, during the operation of the vehicle, they often get damaged.

Automotive bumper

Replacing the bumper in repair shops will cost a pretty penny. However, this is not so difficult to do on your own. This is the type of work that even a beginner in the repair car can do in a few hours. Although, it is quite possible for one person to replace the bumper, due to its size and weight, it can be inconvenient. To find out more information on how to replace this part yourself, read on.
Differences in styles

The basic design has changed over the years. The old ones were a chrome-plated metal structure that was equal to the width of the car. They were installed on the front of the frame using four bolts that went through and screwed into flanges welded on the frame.

An easy collision can cause a breakdown

The new components are made of flexible plastic (polycarbonate, polypropylene, fiberglass or polyurethane), painted in the color of the car and mounted with cushioning foam, which are attached to the structure itself. In most cases, the part that needs to be replaced is flexible plastic. Nevertheless, if the structure is damaged, the replacement must be carried out completely.
Let’s investigate the degree of repair

Replacing the front bumper, as well as the rear, assumes its purchase. But before that, it would be nice to determine what is needed. Assuming that the plastic is simply damaged, while the entire component needs to be replaced, the purchase only guarantees disappointment, as soon as the time comes to perform a replacement.