How to choose a mattress!

This question is raised by the majority of people who are concerned about their health. In today’s world, there are so many mattresses in which a variety of materials are used to manufacture. Choose from such a large area of mattress that is right for you, it is very difficult! We are always happy to help our customers choose a mattress for a healthy and restful sleep.

Mattress with pillow
The concept of “orthopedics” in the Greek language means – orthos – straight, right and Paideia – education. That is, the mattress designed to “teach” your back (spine) is a natural (straight) position during sleep. As a result, relax the correct position of the spine during the holidays enough that would recover after a hard day and just sleep and the next day will feel refreshed.

Orthopedic effect – the ability of the mattress to resist the weight of the person sleeping on it and to keep the spine in an upright position. Support function provides the basis for mattress – latex block or boxspring.

Anatomical effect – the ability to adjust the mattress shapes and curves of the human body and reduce the load on the main pressure points. These features provide a mattress fillers.

Based on the above, it is safe to say that the mattress – a mattress that supports the spine, while in estesstvenno position to sleep. Also, it should be a multi-layered, whether he or featherless block independent sources and solid layers must cheredovatsya soft. Undoubtedly, the mattresses have on block independent springs such as “pocketed”, a maximum orthopedic effect and the more surprisingly high number of springs per square meter, the better.

Orthopedic mattress is a combination of different layers of materials, each of which has unique characteristics and qualities. The characteristics of all the materials used in the mattress you need to consider when choosing. The mattress should positively affect the whole body. This method of forming a healthy body and a cheerful mind of man.