In the automotive industry, the oil pump is used inside the engine oil circuit

Further oil pumps of this kind have more specific names such as, for example, the hydraulic pump or the piston pump. Inside the oil, glutinous liquids also flow from the circuit. Manufacturers use the pressure pump to ensure that sufficient pressure is produced within these systems. The pressure pump, unlike the dosing pump, has the advantage of being able to produce and maintain even pressure uniformly.

This is very important in the engine oil circuit since the lubrication effect of the pistons is only guaranteed when the oil is sufficiently cooled. It must be able to flow out of the combustion zone as quickly as possible. And this can only be achieved if the pressure is sufficient. The oil pump is operated electrically, not by the toothed belt. Electric motors have a long service life and are very reliable. However, if a disruption occurs, individually replacing the engine of the oil pump is impossible. In general, the market offers only complete kits of these components. Buying a used oil pump is not advisable, as it is impossible to determine how much it is from the point of view of wear. On the other hand, problems can also be caused by the oil filter. In this case, due to insufficient pressure, the pump may overheat. Under such conditions, oil could be contaminated and pump wear would be substantially accelerated.

If this happens, the lubrication of the pistons would become inadequate, which would seriously jeopardize the engine’s operation. In our online store you will find a wide range of spare parts (eg, floppy disks, windscreen wiper, windshield wiper arms, control unit, etc.) for many automotive brands.