Lacquered laminate as an option – Build

Of all types of laminate flooring just painted meets all necessary safety standards. In addition, it has the locking that allows to obtain a perfectly smooth surface, without cracks and šavova.To, in turn, makes its maintenance is very jednostavan.Sklop is very simple, so it can be mounted even a layman.

laminate is divided into classes, and 34 class – this is the material that is used in areas with high traffic (bedroom, kitchen, hallway). The service life of the order of 25 laminates. For offices used 31 class, 32 – for trade, and 33 – for restaurants. The service life of such materials, and is less than 10-20 years. For bedrooms, children’s rooms and offices used classes 21, 22 and 23, and buy them quite difficult due to the low popularnosti.To is due to the fact that it only takes 5-6 years.

Tip! Experts recommend buying laminate of 30 class, because it is the most durable and reliable.