Makeup Tips for acne skin

People with acne should carefully select the makeup to use. The purpose of makeup products is not only linked Beauty or concealment of defects, but to be safe for your skin.
What products must use before makeup

Cleansing gel should contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide
Face cream should not contain lanolin or isopropyl Myristate
None of skin care products should not contain comedogenic ingredients (which clog pores) such as dimethicone or bismuth oxoclorhidratul
None of the products we use should not contain alcohol because it is irritating and will inflame acne skin

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Makeup for acne skin – steps and tips

Wash skin with non-comedogenic gel wash and wipe clean towel
Apply a toner easy (you can use rose water)
Hydrates skin with a light cream
The foundation only applies after moisturizer has been absorbed. It should have as basic water and will be applied by tapping on movements
Blush (blush) is applied with a brush. Do not use liquid or cream blushuri
The powder is applied with a bushy brush to keep skin matte appearance. Powder Translucent powder is best for skin acne