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The manufacturer guarantees the quality of original spare parts, compatibility and compliance with all technical requirements. Therefore, it offers a 1 year warranty for spare parts. You can be sure of the high quality materials and durability of all components.
Car Dealer Center range of original spare parts to fully meet the demand required for the repair or maintenance of the car parts.
Our center is the official dealer of, which means we can always meet the current catalog of original parts. This will allow you to protect yourself from purchasing low-quality products.
The manufacturer’s requirements regulate the use of original spare parts when performing all technical operations with a car warranty. The dealership center for you is always in stock a wide range of original spare parts needed for the repair and maintenance of your car.

The risk of using non-original parts

The risk of destroying the manufacturer’s warranty.
Marriage or contact can cause serious and expensive damage to the vehicle.
The range of non-original spare parts is usually much more modest in the light of the fact that the free sale by the manufacturers is trying to get the best-selling parts;
The catalog of spare parts manufacturers a high probability of errors and incorrect information as well as scope can be much narrower. It is best to protect you from forgery purchase parts in the authorized dealer’s compartment.