Orange skirt: what to wear

The orange color in fashion is becoming more popular and in demand. Such bright shades chosen in the preparation of assemblies inhibited women and spectacular, but it is important to learn how to build a skirt so as the company to avoid the image too variegated.

With a skirt orange any style will always be a win-win aspect neutral white shirt or top, well-fitting shape. Mike can be decorated in any print if you want to look brighter. Replace white top if desired, be self beige shirts or black shadow. To suit more elegant ensembles made of blouses sleeveless fabrics.

skirt orange long can be combined with bright shirts decorated with a floral print in colors that may be present, violet shades of green, blue and emerald. The resulting image is very feminine and interesting. Accessories, color matching with a touch up, to be completed well so attractive set fashion. Shoes is better to choose so that it coincides with the shadow skirt coloring or was neutral. Shoes nyudovogo shade, for example, fit well as a whole, without overloading it.