Proper bedding for really cool summer nights – Cool and practical


From luxurious luxury design to the absolute discounted bargain price, the selection of bed linen is sufficient. Bought mostly by design, price and last but not least care. After all, who wants to spend hours on the road to lend the bed linen and spend some money on it?

However, carefree bed linen can avenge itself in many ways. Not only through unpleasant sweating and a sticky skin feeling in the summer nights. The consequences of wrongly selected bed linen can range from simple everyday life to reducing sleep quality to skin allergies.
Some hot tips

As a matter of principle, natural materials such as cotton, linen and silk should always be preferred for summer bedding. Plastics can only derive the accumulated heat very hard or not at all.

  • спално бельо 160/200

However, there are also major differences in quality in the supply of natural materials. Poor quality is not only noticeable by a rough body feeling after the first washes, but also by early wear phenomena.

A good example of this are the Seersucker, which is very popular in summer. The expression itself is derived from Persian (shir o shekar) and means “milk and sugar”. The special fabric structure (originally made of cotton), which consists of alternating smooth and gathered fabric strips, is responsible for this so appealing name. The advantage of this is that it is a wrinkle-free fabric that does not fit tightly to the body due to this structure – with good quality, only about 30 percent of a Seersucker fabric actually touches the skin – and is therefore perceived as particularly airy. Additional advantage: ironing is not necessary, so this bed linen can be washed frequently and easily and changed.