Requirements for roller skates for a child

Naturally, the main thing you need to pay attention to when choosing skates is safety. There are also more uniform requirements for any sports product for children, these being:

the hypoallergenic materials from which the inventory is made.

There are also separate requirements for baby rolls, such as strength and ease. With regard to these requirements for baby skates, you must pay the same attention as safety. The safety of the rollers purchased by the child depends directly on their safety.

Wheels for rotating skates must be of the right size and strong enough. Large diameter wheels allow you to drive faster, and small diameter wheels allow you to handle the journey.

It is believed that the optimum size of roller skates, which meets both requirements, is 72-78 mm.

It is better not to stay and skate well-known companies. No quality products can break down, for example, the wheels can fly. There should not be a high test of resistance in the store. So with increasing the load on the rollers (for example, when you are squatting), the baby’s foot should stay straight.

To skate the roller kid offers pleasure and benefits, they also have to be light so you do not overload the leg muscles. For younger athletes, they recommend rollers with a double row of medium-diameter wheels.