Selecting the handle of a tennis racket

Choosing the right size handle gives a tangible difference with the racket game. If you are unsure of the required size pen, here you will find some tips of her choice.

selection handles tennis common method for selecting the right size of the handle. To do this, take in hand the racket so that the palm was the same face as the surface string. The optimum size of the handle will allow you to back to back, to make the index finger of the other hand between his hand and the middle finger (Fig. 1). If not enough space for a finger, the handle is too small. If you put your finger, but he “walks”, the handle is too great for you. Too small handle requires excessive muscle cost of holding rackets when it scrolls. Prolonged use of too small handles can lead to a problem with his elbow. The handle that is too big for you to interfere with the movement of the brush at a feed complicates size handles and also requires more muscle tension while holding a racket. Continued use of this handle again can lead to with an elbow.

If you are unable to hold a racket, you can also calculate your desired size using a ruler. Open your hand, pressing 4 fingers together. Attach a line to the bottom of the transverse crease of your palm and measure the distance in millimeters from it to the tip of the ring finger (Fig. 2). After use the table below to find the right size of the handle.

However, the player’s criteria when choosing handles allow you to make in these rules. While many recommend taking as large a handle in which the racket comfortably in the hand, it should be borne in mind that the size of the handle can always be increased but not decreased. Thus, if you are not sure what kind of pen to choose, you should choose a smaller and to use if necessary. Typical will increase the size of your pen on 1/16 inch (1.6 mm). Adding also increase the weight of the racket about 7 grams, but weight gain is incomparable with those advantages require that gives properly selected size of the handle.

It is also recommended to regularly change the coil on your racket. Fresh, correctly wound coil gives comfort and enables better control of the racket.

Dimensions handles of tennis rackets

Standard sizes of tennis grips from 4 1/8 to 4-5 / 8 inches in the American system and, accordingly, from L1 to L5 on the European. The American system shows the length of the handle circumference in inches. The European shows how many eighths of an inch this circle is (minus 4 inches). For example, the size of 4 3/8 in the US system corresponds to a third the size of the handle in the European.