Swimsuit styles for women with a big belly

The approaching beach season is easier to expect when you already have the perfect swimsuit. Before any woman, sooner or later the question arises: in which swimsuit does the figure look most profitable? If you need to hide your stomach, you need to look for one that will disguise the middle part of the trunk and visually emphasize the waist line.

One piece swimsuit

Choose a one-piece swimsuit, but not only covering the body from the front, but also acting as a modeling underwear, that is, a tightening belly and creating the outlines of a more slender figure. Choose models of dark monochrome coloring, this also contributes to the illusion of harmony. Decorative details and frills at the neck are drawn up, away from the belly.


If you want to wear a swimsuit from two elements, but not as open as a bikini, buy a tankini. The upper part is longer than the bikini, and covers the stomach. Give preference to the style, free in the waist. The monochrome coloring and fabric on the abdomen in the form of small folds, too, will disguise that part of the body that you do not want to show.

Melons with high waist

When you really need to hide your belly, choose a swimsuit, where the melting with an overstated waist. They can rise to the natural waist line, masking the middle part of the trunk, but at the same time looking stylish. Such swimming trunks can be worn with both bikini and tankini. Combine the lower and upper parts of the swimsuit to find the most advantageous option.


– If you want to visually narrow your waist, but still look extremely feminine, put on a one-piece swimsuit with a fine print. Large print, on the contrary, is able to visually expand the silhouette.

– Deep triangular decollete with a massive decoration will look fashionable and distract attention from the waist.

– To further tighten your waist, try a one-piece swimsuit with a belt.