The most important criteria for choosing a mattress

If you want a healthy and active lifestyle, sleep quality is required. An inappropriate environment and choosing a mattress that does not meet your needs not only degrades the quality of sleep, but can have serious health consequences. Comfort, support and durability are provided mattress the most important criteria to be considered when you want to buy a bed mattress.

Specialists in mattresses of the store that lists the criteria to follow when you’re looking right mattress:

The degree of pressure points is very important in a mattress. Number of points gives as much support as correct spine and generally ensure total relaxation of the body.
The movement of air through the mattress results in a dip one skin moisture absorption and dissipation occurring at this level. Using natural materials (clothing mattress fabrics of cotton or silk), materials that allow moisture evaporates like latex or polyurethane materials special breathable mattress.

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The degree of elasticity is given by way of construction and rigidity of the elements that make up the mattress, that result in weight reaction to people who use the mattress. This reaction is very visible while the deformation of the mattress. The degree of elasticity and weight recommended person can use each type of mattress.
The degree of comfort is given by relaxing sensation felt when using the mattress. This sensation differs from person to person depending on each habit to sleep on a support softer or harder. Some people feel best on a mattress “fluff” and others on a mattress “plank”. The materials used are of better quality and / or quantity bigger comfort level will increase.
Reaction to move (wave effect) is characteristic of the mattress to absorb the movements of one spouse not to disturb the sleep of others. This effect has been felt mainly in mattresses mesh core classical elastic because they have springs interconnected. Mattresses made of non-metallic materials or individually boxed springs, the effect is greatly diminished or disappears altogether.

Thus, the mat need not be the position of the hammock, you do not have to leave the spine to flex increased, so there should not be too soft. Also, there should be no post on the board (too hard), except medical. When is too tough, body weight pressed heavily on the vertebrae, creates a tension that will prevent spine rest and relaxation. The mattress should not be the breeding colonies of mites that are carriers of many diseases. We know that in those mattresses untreated may exist from 1 million to 10 million of these creatures. store offers mattresses made from the latest materials (nano capsules inserted into textile fiber capsules thermal memory), bio materials (coconut fiber, latex, bamboo fiber, wool Naturae, puff) with covers carbon fiber, fiber silver, gold fiber, viscose fiber cellulose (eucalyptus, pine, cedar, palm tree, lavender), special materials for shielding radiation waves or negative electromagnetic geothermal. All this for the comfort and safety of customers.