Today the oil filter is less important than it was ten years ago

The reason for this is that the fuel we found at the petrol stations has become much cleaner, while the spare parts provided by the manufacturer are more wear-resistant than in the past. However, the potential risk remains and should not be underestimated. The contamination is a threat already engine oil should be considered, even if the risk of an introddure circuit in powder or other particles in suspension remains very small. The same part of the oil passes through the combustion chamber where it is heated repeatedly. Here, the task is to lubricate the pistons, which means that the risk of picking up road debris is high.

The combustion residues threaten the pistons when the injection valves of the air-fuel mixture do not spray optimally. In addition, the inner walls of the cylinder and the floor can overheat and be covered with combustion residues. A porous tube can also produce friction particles. The change is possible, even if it is in the circuit and the camshaft foamy oil hits the surface too much oil. But any degree of pollution can be easily identified. The dipstick shows not only the amount of oil remained, but also its color. The light color indicates that the oil is pure while the dark indicates that the impurity is in an advanced stage and that the oil filters are not able to do the job. Here are two possibilities: replace the entire filter or simply change its filter medium. The material used for the realization of the filter media is generally the nonwoven.

If the oil is very dark, it may be necessary not only to replace the filters but also the oil itself. It can be slides by loosening the drain plug of the oil pan. In rare cases, the oil filters are thus hindered by the pressure within the circuit. Such a situation lead to overheating the oil, which flow very slowly. The sensor of the cooling temperature then shows a value higher than 120 ° C In our online shop you will find a large selection of spare parts (eg camshaft, wheel bearing, flywheel, tensioning roller) for the majority of the automobile brands.