Where to install fire doors

Metal fire doors – a special type of input design. Such doors differ in fire resistance (30, 45, 60 minutes and tenths) and installed in houses, industrial buildings, shopping, entertainment and office buildings. Fire protection doors in the way of evacuation often system “panic” supplement. This modern mechanism allows you to open quickly and easily into a steel blade without a key. Handle “panic” is indispensable for doors in escape in buildings with high human cross.

According to the regulations, fire doors must close openings in foreclosures. This includes walls, partitions, etc. Suitable type of input design developed for each fire barrier – .. Reflect this rule in the Technical Guidelines for Fire Protection Requirements. In addition, special doors are sometimes part of the apse gateways.

The most common fire protection doors installed in the following areas:

In the corridor connecting the stairs in the 3-storey buildings of kindergartens;
Openings in elevator shafts fences;
In the outer walls of the building when they are adjacent to the adjacent fire sections. In this case, the wall adjacent to the premises are at an angle to each other;
In exterior walls openings in places fit for them between buildings (applies to administrative and public facilities).