Which herbicides against weeds select types of herbicides

On Earth, there are thousands of species of weeds. Most of them are annuals, grow from seeds and live only one season. Other perennial weeds, able to reproduce itself every season under favorable conditions.

The damage they cause is obvious, because they rigidly compete with crop plants for light, moisture and nutrients you need. That is why the weeds in the cultivated BASF Agriculture areas must be addressed.

Weeding is known as the most common method of such a struggle, but it does not guarantee the solution of the problem, because the perennial weeds can germinate even in the land of the remaining parts of the rhizomes. Besides, the weeding is very labor-intensive, and the strength is not all gardeners to measure their physical stamina and health.

A simpler way to keep weeds grab our household plots requires the involvement of different herbicides to help solve each problem individually.

There herbicides continuous action for the destruction of vegetation throughout the treatment area. It is enough to spray a solution of the drug plant leaf surface, and after 2-3 weeks the weeds wither with roots. They are easy to use for cleaning the areas under crops lawn or soil treatment before the creation of flower beds.

Drugs of this type, but with a higher concentration, is used for the treatment of neglected land, or to deal with a particularly malignant weeds, such as cow parsnip.

There are selective herbicides, destroying weeds in a particular culture: one can easily cope with the perennial problem of dandelions on lawns without affecting cereal lawn grass, while others are able to destroy the weed vegetation in potato fields.

The herbicide continuous action. Universal tool for fighting all kinds of weeds. Ideal for the treatment of soil for planting.

Ready-to-use herbicide continuous action. The drug vial-sprayer. Convenient for small processing areas, such as tree trunks of trees, the surrounding areas along fences and houses, lanes.

Highly herbicide continuous action. Elevated levels of the active ingredient allows you to fight with a particularly malignant weeds (cow parsnip, couch grass, horsetail, oat grass, bindweed, etc..) And nezhelaelnoy trees and shrubs.

Selective herbicide for lawns and strawberries. Against annual and perennial dicotyledonous weeds in grass lawns. The perfect remedy for dandelions. In the strawberry crop is used after harvest.

Selective herbicide to the crops. It destroys weeds without damaging the culture. Drops on the basis of a protective barrier against the germination of weeds. It provides protection for 1-2 months.