Whole women’s clothing – my style

Avoid pure white color, it visuals more complete. Give her the benefit of beige shades, pastel colors or ivory. However, white things are likely to have in the closet, such as a blouse or sweater, collar, on the top you can wear a jacket or vest.

From the perfect vertical stripes figures. Prefer embossing and vertical prints in your clothing, avoiding large figures.

Learn how to apply these simple rules when choosing clothes, you can quickly make your wardrobe to suit your proportions.

The most important thing to keep in mind – I love you! You like your body as it was created by nature. Do what you like. All the rules and regulations in the clothes invented some people who think they have the perfect flavor. But every person is free to choose!

a style of its own does not appear immediately, but once it has formed the character. icon style for more donuts became Opra Uinfri – one of the most successful and richest women in the world, popular and beloved in many countries, TV presenter, company head for producing a Harpo Studios TV show, one of the most teleperson elegant. This is called “black pearl”, his appearance on TV, she made a real revolution and furor broke the stereotype that the presenter must be necessarily blond, thin, with white skin.