Women’s accessories: the basis for everyday and evening photography

With the help of accessories you can play a set of favorite clothes every day in a new way. It is important to remember the unrecognized rules of their choice. Firstly, the older fashionista, the laconic and stricter accessories should look. Secondly, do not use many products in one image. Finally, it is not allowed to use classic ornaments with sportswear.

When choosing accessories, it is recommended to take into account such things in the wardrobe:

1. Belts. A thin black belt is combined with dresses, sarafans and trousers. Belt caramel shadow will adorn the jeans. Wicker model fits summer shorts and pants chinos.
2. Cravats and scarves. Elegant silky models can be tied around the neck, passing through the slim pants, like a belt, wrapping around the head. For cold days you should choose dense products in gold, blue, red, turquoise.
3. Bags. Choose a model you need to consider the body. Miniature women of fashion should pay attention to laconic clutches and models over the shoulder. Stylish beauty can look at bigger and bigger accessories.
4. Bijouterie. Earrings, bracelets, brooches It is important to focus on one thing. For example, with a decollete dress to choose a trim on the neck and with a dress with an ¾ ¾ sleeve – the original bracelet.

When choosing accessories, it is important to remember their color compatibility with clothing. It is not necessary to mix cold and warm colors, to combine bright costume jewelry and clothes. If there is no confidence in the choice, it is worth using classic-scale accessories.