Women’s blouses: how not to make a mistake with a choice?

Women make the most mistakes with a non-standard figure. The style that suits a woman graceful, even if matched to the size does not fit a woman with lush breasts or wide hips. Therefore, we will dwell on how to beat the features of the figure and not succumb to the temptation to buy a beautiful, but absolutely not necessary for you blouse.

Women with chic hips are lucky. They can clearly see the waist. If you have wide hips with narrow shoulders, you can distract attention from them with a blouse of a pastel shade, necessarily fitted, which will soften the disharmony between the hips and narrow shoulders. It can be a blouse-safari of white or sand color with small buttons and a thin belt at the waist.

If you and your shoulders and hips are narrow, then avoid blouses with a V-neck and a deep neckline. It is best to use when forming your image of a blouse with a cut-out or simple oval. It is desirable to avoid direct cuts, but asymmetry and expansion to the top or bottom, on the contrary is welcomed.

Massiveness, which is attached to the broad shoulders, can be smoothed with a blouse that emphasizes the waist and hips. A long fitted blouse with a belt of contrasting color or a wide blouse with a large neckline that falls on one shoulder, but tied on the belt can help you.

The full waist that many women complain about will “disappear” if you focus on the breasts, choosing a blouse extending under the breast. It will look good tunic of soft fabric. Any dense, heavy fabrics will not work for you. Do not wear tight blouses that outline all your wrinkles and too large, so as not to turn your figure into a shapeless one. Forget about the straps on top of the blouses in the waist area. It is better if the model of the blouse assumes the presence of a belt on the hips.

Whichever figure you have, it can be slightly adjusted by buying the right blouse that will make you stylish, businesslike, romantic, a word such as you want to be for yourself and others.