Wool blanket

Synthetic blankets are preferred for the reason that they are easy to maintain – thrown into the washing machine, and it is clean. Drys synthetic floors, too fast. Moreover, it can be used under wet conditions. To leave for example the country in which no heating. Each other quilt will absorb moisture and it must be dried. Good blankets with Tencel fiber. It is made of eucalyptus. There are viscose fabrics with special properties – antibacterial, hypoallergenic, very smooth and soft.

It takes moisture well to contribute to excellent climate. The degree of heat depends on the amount of filler that acts naturally the weight of the ceilings – Eucalyptus filler can be suitable for any climate.

Blankets of camel wool -The most popular. This wool is not only of coarse hair, but also soft down and primer. Hair of camel wool inside hollow, leaving the blanket of her in two times lighter than sheep wool. In addition, they are durable and retain heat well.
The ceiling of camel hair
Blankets of wool, like a camel, but it is worth a blanket cheaper. At the same time, it is soft and warm. This is simply not always such a ceiling approach with allergies. And more of them need special care – for blankets only suitable dry cleaning fleece.

Ceiling with fiber
The most common type of blankets in our latitudes – there blankets. Their advantage lies in the ease and ability to be perfectly warm. The cost of such a blanket is very different, it is influenced by the name of the manufacturer, the characteristics of the lint, fabric quality … Blankets filled with Graugans down, cheaper than similar, but filled with white fluff. If a bedspread choice is worth paying attention to tailoring.

There cassette or quilts. The difference is that the blanket in the cassette in each cassette (tray) is separated from the other stitch from the hand, which can only move inside the cassette. Quilts usually contain little fluff, they are more subtle. Duvets can be washed in the washing machine but better yet a professional laundry service to be able to achieve the best results.